Top 10 Popular Design of Embroidered Clothes

Design of Embroidered Clothes

Wearing embroidered clothes is the ultimate choice of people who want something extra. That’s because it adds a bit of depth to the clothes, and the right designs can even make your clothes look more sophisticated.

With so many embroidery designs available in the market, it can be difficult to choose clothes that promise an eye-catchy appearance without compromising on the intricacy. So, with this article, we are sharing the top 10 popular designs for embroidered clothes!

1. floral embroidery designs

First of all, I would like to recommend flower embroidery to everyone. This style is always popular, and it can be soft and sweet or strong and statement-making. You can make flowers in a single color for a soft look or in a rainbow of colors for a piece that stands out. Roses, lilies, daisies, and weeds are all popular flower choices. Dresses, shirts, and even jeans often have them on them to make them look more girly.

floral embroidery designs

secondly, animal embroidery is a great choice for kid’s clothing because they add a fun element. This doesn’t mean it won’t look good on adult clothes because many brands are using it in the fusion clothes. For instance, you can embroider cats, butterflies, dogs, and birds. Some people go ahead and make unicorns and dragons. This embroidery is done on jackets, hats, shirts, and bags.

3. Paisley Embroidery

Paisley is a teardrop-shaped pattern with curves that swirl and small details that are hard to see. This is a suitable choice for embroidered clothes that need to be sophisticated. In most cases, Persian and Indian people use this embroidery. It can be as intricate as you want. In addition, it is made with different colors, and you can use this design on shawls, dresses, and coats easily.

Next, I would like to recommend letter embroidery. We don’t mind saying that it’s the classiest way of adding a unique touch to your embroidered clothes. With this design, people embroider their name or initials on the clothes. The dresses, coats, and shirts are a perfect option and you can embroider the monogram on the chest, pockets, cuffs, and collar. in addition, you can make these designs complicated or simple, whatever you prefer.

5. Patchwork Embroidery

This is one of the most unique options. That’s because it’s done by stitching different pieces of fabric together (people usually use a combination of colors and patterns). This is actually very popular among people who want a unique style while saving the planet. The patchwork embroidery is done on coats, bags, and vests. So, you can play with abstract, geometric, and floral designs.

6. 3D Embroidery

This new method gives the fabric a raised or textured look, which gives the embroidery pattern more depth and dimension. With 3D embroidery, you can make flowers, animals, letters, and even geometric forms that look real. For a bold look, it’s often put on coats, hats, and bags.

7. Bead Embroidery

The 7 recommendation is bead embroidery. In this method, beads of different sizes, colors, and materials are sewn onto cloth. If you use the right kind and amount of beads in your bead embroidery, you can make a pattern that is either very bright and complicated or very soft and classy. So, a lot of people choose it for dresses, evening wear, and formal items.

This trendy style lets you make clothes more unique by sewing words, messages, or even names directly onto them. You can use simple or fancy fonts and thread colors that match or stand out from the clothing. A lot of people like to personalise their jackets, shirts, hats, and even tote bags with embroidery.

9. Geometric Embroidery

This modern design makes a stylish and up-to-date look with geometric shapes and patterns. Geometric needlework can be very simple and plain, or it can be very complicated and detailed. Triangles, squares, circles, and chevrons are all well-known geometric shapes.

They can be made in just one color or a bunch of different colors to make a strong statement. You can use geometric stitching on jackets, dresses and even trainers that are made today.

10. Embroidered Logos

Finally, this is a common way to promote and brand something. Clothing with logos of businesses, sports teams, schools, or other groups is put on to make it look professional and easy to spot. Embroidered logos are most often seen on hats, outfits, shirts, and sportswear.

In conclusion, there are a variety of embroidery designs that you can work with. Some of them are suitable for people who need floral designs while you can work with geometric shapes as well. Remember that whichever embroidery you use, it will have a different impact on the overall aesthetics of your embroidered Clothes, so choose wisely.

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