How Much Does Outline Hoodie Cost?

Outline Hoodie

The custom embroidery series has consistently held a significant share in the market, making it an excellent choice for personal wear or gifting. However, upon hearing about it, many people immediately balk at the perceived high price, deeming it unworthy of purchase. Embroidery comes in two varieties: colorful embroidery and line embroidery. While colorful embroidery tends to be pricier, line embroidery, with its simplicity and design aesthetic, appeals to many at a slightly lower price point.

The pricing of an outline hoodie is influenced by various factors. Firstly, it’s a customized product, requiring designer input and embroidery machine work. Additionally, the material of the hoodie plays a role; pure cotton options naturally command a higher price. These intricacies and craftsmanship necessitate careful consideration to find the store offering the best value for money. Ultimately, you’ll always find an outline hoodie that fits within your budget.

Order1:Custom Embroidered Line Drawing Hoodie,Sweatshirt,unique gift

The inaugural order hails from R*******n in the United States. In her quest to customize this outline hoodie, she graced us with a profoundly artistic photograph. Within the frame, she and her male counterpart engage in an exquisitely intricate dance, reminiscent of a regal prince cradling a fair princess. Through meticulous line work, this outline hoodie achieves sheer perfection.

  • Placement Of Design: Left Chest
embroidery on hoodie
embroidery on hoodie

The second order originates from X*******a in the United States, who provided a couple’s photograph to personalize this outline hoodie. In front of a twinkling Christmas tree, a cute lady takes a selfie while a gentleman in a baseball cap lovingly embraces her from behind, exuding an air of sweetness. Here’s hoping this darling couple will adore this special outline hoodie.

  • Embroidery Position: Left Chest
custom matching hoodies

The subsequent order comes from r*******s in the United States, who provided a group photo of three close friends to customize three outline hoodies. Perched within a car, the driver, a young lady, captures a selfie with her phone, while her companions in the front passenger and rear seats lean in, culminating in a snapshot of camaraderie. We can envision the trio exuding unparalleled style adorned in matching sand-colored outline hoodies.

  • Embroidery Position: Left Chest
embroidered hoodies

The individual from the United States, B******s, has provided an exceptionally stylish vehicle to customize this outline hoodie. This vehicle appears to be a hybrid between a cargo and an automotive, presenting a uniquely handsome allure. Eager anticipation surrounds the final rendition of this black customized line hoodie. The embroidered design depicted here is not the ultimate pattern, as the customer has opted for a black hoodie. There’s a high likelihood that the final choice for the line color will be white, ensuring a visually appealing contrast.

  • Placement Of Design: Right Chest
Custom Embroidered Hoodies

The final order hails from A********q in Canada, who has selected a snapshot featuring herself and her adorable canine companion to customize this outline hoodie. In the photograph, the bespectacled lady captures a selfie with her smartphone, while the endearing pup gazes innocently at the camera. Here’s hoping that both the customer and her beloved furry friend will ultimately delight in this personalized outline hoodie tailored specifically for the two of them.

  • Style: Sweatshirt
  • Color: White
  • Placement Of Design: Center Chest
line art pictures

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To ensure utmost privacy, the photos provided by our customers have undergone meticulous processing.

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