Which Are Better Embroidered Zip Up Hoodies or Embroidered Hoodies?

Embroidered Zip Up Hoodies

Embroidered sweatshirts are very popular, everyone knows. But if you have to choose between embroidered zip up hoodies and general embroidered hoodies, it’s actually difficult. Because everyone’s needs and preferences are different, my suggestion is: the best is what you like. Embroidered zip up hoodies are more convenient because of the zipper, if you are hot, you can directly unzip. But not everyone likes zippers, so their quality and sense of fashion are actually parts that need more consideration. What kind of text and patterns to embroider on them may be more important than these, what do you think?

Order1:Custom Embroidered Sweatshirt Portrait Music Player Couple Family Gift

The first custom order I’d like to share with everyone is from a customer in Germany named S******r. This is a joint photo of a couple standing in an outdoor forest. Behind them is a special building made of wood, and under their feet is an open grassland. The gentleman is wearing a black suit jacket, grey pants and white sneakers, while the lady is dressed in an orange dress, paired with sandals. Perhaps this is a place they often come for a walk after dinner. The sunlight shines through the gaps in the leaves onto their faces. The lady looks up at her beloved man, presenting a beautiful scene.

  • Color:
  • Placement Of Design: Center Chest 
  • Sleeve Text: S❤️M
anniversary sweatshirts

One day, a couple ordered a set of couple’s outfits. After waiting for a long time, they finally received the goods. After putting them on, the two admired themselves in front of the mirror. This is a jacket with yellow, green and blue stripes, which looks very fashionable. Looking at themselves in the mirror, the girl took out her phone to record this moment. Seeing this, the boy hugged the girl’s shoulder and kissed her forehead. This is a customization from M******d in Norway. The couple’s outfit they are wearing is also a zip-up shirt, so perhaps this couple would choose embroidered zip up hoodies.

  • Placement Of Design: Center Chest 
  • Sleeve Text: E likå du
embroidered hoodies mens

This is a shared snapshot provided by W*******k from the UK, taken in front of a field. The girl, with her striking red hair and dressed in a grey sweatshirt, nestles next to the boy. The boy, wearing glasses and a brown coat, guides the girl through this field, taking a selfie with his phone to capture the beautiful scenery and their moment in time.

  • Song Name or Custom Title: Mardy Bum
  • Author or Custom Name: Arctic Monkeys
embroidered crewneck sweatshirt

On a country lane at sunset, a hat-wearing gentleman is seen accompanying his white-haired girlfriend. However, the night is not safe, especially in such a wilderness. Before the sun fully sets, they take advantage of the last faint rays of light to take a photo together. The couple in the photo appear very happy, indicating that this journey was not in vain. Hopefully, A*******n from Finland will appreciate the embroidered sweatshirt customized from this photo.

  • Placement Of Design: Center Chest 
custom pet sweatshirt

The final order is a shared snapshot from a train or subway station, provided by W*******a from Czechia. Perhaps it’s a memento of a farewell to a friend, or a long-awaited reunion captured at the train station. Regardless of the reason, this photo is precious to them, making the embroidered sweatshirt a perfect testament to their friendship.

  • Song Name or Custom Title: Take It Off
  • Author or Custom Name: Slow. Steady. Undress.
embroidered hooded sweatshirt

So, whether it’s love, kinship, or friendship, you can customize your own embroidered zip up hoodies or hooded sweatshirts with photos or text.

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To ensure utmost privacy, the photos provided by our customers have undergone meticulous processing.

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